Do Words Have Meaning?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Sounds are frequencies. Letters are sounds. Therefore, words are a combination of sounds. Words are something that is either said verbally or through writing; print. Words are the basis of languages. Words are used daily by people all over the world. Therefore, words hold quite a bit of power and value in our everyday lives.

You may be familiar with certain forms of wordplay like “anagrams” or “lexigrams.” Anagrams are words which are spelled from the letters of another word. This is done by rearranging its letters.

Example 2:


Not Hot So Hot Glean

Lexigrams are phrases or sentences that express a likely fact about a particular word, name, or title.


His Phrases Are Here As Imperial Hallmarks. His skills aim him as a lawless speaker. A real keeper, he will help shape all eras.

Example 4: LAUGHTER can really HEAL THE HEART

But unlike lexigrams or anagrams, there is a specific way words have to be coded into a name. I would like to call this system, “Wordmantic.” Wordmantic is the system of utilizing words given in a name or title as a divining or prophetic tool. Here is what I mean.

Most people know the word HAM as a cut of meat from a hog that's usually cured. However, HAM also means – an actor who overacts. The word BUS can be a form of transportation or mean to clear something (like bus a table). The word CHECK has can mean:

1. To examine something.

2. Request for payment, especially at a restaurant.

3. A written order for a bank to pay money.

By using more than one word that has a similar definition, that particular meaning will have a stronger influence on a person's life. For example, look at the words “Marry” and “Hitch.” Marry – to wed.

Hitch – to unite in marriage. As you can see, both words have similar meanings.

Your name plays an important role in gaining identity. If a person, business, or product didn’t have a name, then it wouldn’t hold any significance. There are those who will find words in their name and say, “That will not happen to me.” It hasn’t taken affect in your life right now, but as you get older, it will. The words in your name are not going to come about at the same time. The words in your name takes an affect throughout your lifetime.

Here is an example of a famous reality television star.

Kimberly Noel Kardashian-West

Words in bold are in her name:

Kim models labels/brands. Kim “inks a deal”. Kim married Kanye.

Other words in Kim Kardashian's Name:

Made Man Moneyed Bankrolls Bankrolled Salaried Handsomely

Baron Royal Endorser Sell Salable Media Drama Headlines Lead Roles Lines Admirers

Adorable Likable Kind Kosher Belle Bonny Siren Ladylike Yes Rare Maker Lord Noble Embolden Nameable Nominee Rehearsal Mansion Marries Yoked Keyed Keyboard Rhymes Harmony Harmonies

Here is an example in a clip from the 2008 movie, The Women - starring Meg Ryan.

This is just one aspect of word play. Sounds, however, go into a much deeper topic. We can't possibly cover such a topic in just one blog. So we have ventured more into the topic of words and sounds in our upcoming course, Creating Abundance: Integrating a Spiritual Approach to Attaining the Abundance You Seek.

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