Why is Cultivating a Spiritual Life Important?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Inspiring people to take control of their lives and pursue their passions is my goal. It is time for people to take back their power so that they will no longer have to struggle through life by constantly depending on others for their survival - whether that is working a 9-to-5 job, receiving governmental assistance, or by running a failing small business. Right now, many people are on the verge of becoming desperate due to their jobs and/or businesses being closed. Knowing how to create revenue for yourself will not only keep you and your family self-sufficient, but it will also help to revitalize communities.

I posed a question in a private Facebook group asking, "Do you believe you can create wealth through spirituality?" Surprisingly, about 70% of people said yes! However, there were a few people who said no. Many joked about televangelists and megachurch preachers. They shared a belief that if someone wants to be wealthy, just own a church. Others felt that spirituality is wealth, therefore they do not need worldly things. Someone even said that money is the root to all evil. Throughout the comments, the basis of spirituality was said to be prayer and church. Not meditation, chanting, fasting, reiki healing, candle magick, or any other method that falls under the category of spirituality.

Many people are worried about how they are going to survive from day-to-day that they carry that energy with them wherever they go - and it shows. When people are in a bad predicament, they tend to have more of a negative outlook on things. Being laid off tends to cause some people to take desperate measures to make ends meet and feed themselves and their family. Becoming too busy makes one feel overwhelmed and out of sync with higher source. This type of reaction to life is due to not having clarity about what to do next.

Being too busy and not having enough time or energy to cultivate a spiritual life stops countless people from making that connection. Being in tune with yourself and the divine source can keep you enriched and inspired. Those who remain inspired lives a more balanced lifestyle. Inspiration flows which allows them to manifest their goals.

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